Sunday Swarm: 15 Healthier Snacks

Do you ever get those late night cravings that take you by hold? Where all you can think about is chocolate or carbs? I know I do. I try to have some caffeine free tea or take a bath with my favorite book (or both!) until the craving passes. However, I am human so sometimes [...]
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SGL’s Friday Favorites #2 and Challenger Chest Workout

Last week, I kicked off the very first SGL’s Friday Favorites and I have to say, I rather like being able to share a bit more of my personal fitness favorites with all of you. I hope you’ll share your favorites from the week with me too :). So, this week I am loving… Lady [...]
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Cheat Clean: Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Cookies

I wanted to use pumpkin to make protein cookies this time around – it is Autumn after all. I’ve been enjoying these after my quick, early morning cardio workouts. This is a no sugar added recipe! This recipe makes ten chocolate pumpkin protein cookies, but can make five bigger ones if you’re so inclined. :)

Sunday Swarm: 8 Lower Back Pain Stretches and Stats

One of the most popular posts I’ve had on Smart Girls Lift is about stretches that can help relieve back pain. During a weekend away with my mom and sister, I learned just how bad my sister’s back pain is. She is constantly doing twists and trying to crack her back to get it to [...]
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SGL’s Friday Favorites #1 and Lean Legs Workout

To make these Friday posts a little more personal, and in case I don’t have time to get a workout template together, I’m adding in my favorite things from the week. The workout of the week will also be a Friday favorite! This is how “Friday Favorites” is born! It will feature articles, products, pictures, and more. [...]
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6+ Ways Strength Training Improves Your Life

Women sometimes shy away from strength training. There are a few reasons why. One is that they fear becoming “too bulky,” which is, for the most part, a myth. Women just don’t have enough of the hormones that men do to make this happen. Another reason is that they may not feel comfortable walking into [...]
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Sunday Swarm: 6 Articles that Highlight the Future of Fitness

In the world of fitness, new wearable tech, athletic apparel, supplements, protein bars/shakes, and more are constantly arriving on the scene. Where is the fitness industry actually headed? I’m sure this question warrants a much deeper response than what you will find in the articles below, but they’re a start and I encourage you to [...]
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SGL’s Swiss Ball Interval Workout

Sometimes it can be tough to make it to the gym. We’re busy people with busy lives and even when we plan ahead, things can come up and prevent us from getting our sweat in at the usual time. When that happens, we need to improvise. If you have a stability ball at home, you’re [...]
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What Your Cravings Really Mean (and How to Manage Them): Part 2

The other night I was craving a delicious, greasy pizza. Want to know why? I was tired, stressed, and really didn’t feel like cooking when I got home from the grocery store. I had spent a lot of my day in the car and believe me when I say the last thing I wanted to [...]
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SGL’s Gunning for Guns Workout

We all want those nice arms for when summer rolls around. I’m talking tanks, bikinis, and flowy, strappy, and sheer blouses. Even though summer may be nearing its end, it doesn’t mean you should abandon your biceps and triceps. This is an all arms workout that will get you those guns you’ve dreamed of. Get [...]
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